A Book is Born

From loose handwritten pages written in my Grandfather’s hand almost 100 years ago

cropped-img_9673.jpgDelville Wood

transcribed into a Blog by me his Granddaughter    Trish Armstrong née Leffler


and then the pages bound in leather the colour of African soil

IMG_0573 (1)





William Harley & Son
28 Dew St, Thebarton SA 5031
Phone: (08) 8443 7515

A legacy from Bernard Meredith Leffler protected by his sons Patrick and Michael Leffler – a tale well told for future generations.

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  1. Your ancestors, Trish Armstrong (nee’ Leffler), are smiling in wonderment at the respect, passion, time and effort you have given to modernising and the safe-keeping of the 100 year old manuscript. The Family thanks you. Much respect.

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